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newspaper web design

Newspapers using Drupal
.have based our newspaper development projects . We’ve used this platform for the past five years because of its flexibility in both layout and functionality of websites.

by From time to time there comes a revolution of sorts, making companies come to the crossroads of change or business as usual. For the banking industry, it was a stock market crash after the housing bubble burst. The change was rapid for the banking industry and in many ways too late for them to make the necessary adjustments to survive.

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Visitors only spend minutes on my newspaper site! What am I doing wrong?
24Feb0Visitors only spend minutes on my newspaper site! What am I doing wrong?
by I received a phone call from a publisher the other day who spent a night looking over every statistic from his website … he was obviously upset when he called, thinking his site was a failure.

SMS and Twitter
by To stay on the cutting edge with newspaper web design, our team has been working hard to come up with programming that can enhance a website’s usability as well as give it the edge online competing with other newspapers.

Give and Take
by It appears that GateHouse Media and the NY Times have settled their dispute over the NYT’s Boston Globe linking to GateHouse’s local events site with a snippet of the text (something GateHouse’s own sites did as well). GateHouse had little to no chance of winning in court, but it looks like the NY Times totally caved in to avoid having to deal with a long and costly lawsuit. The result is pretty much bad for everyone.

Cultivating a newspaper community online
25Oct0Cultivating a newspaper community online
by There’s an interesting debate going on among some newspaper industry watchers, concerning how newspapers should approach the question of “community.” Paul Gillin has written that the concept of newspapers building communities is a fallacy and that newspapers shouldn’t even try. He notes that the idea of a community around newspaper content usually just doesn’t make much sense, and newspapers are simply hopping on the buzzword bandwagon in yelling “community” without any real sense of how to build one. As he notes, a newspaper’s strength isn’t in building community, but in creating content.

Steve Yelvington blasts back that Gillin is quite mistaken and that community is the most important thing that newspapers should be focusing on: “Failure to build community is one of the many reasons so many newspapers are in so much trouble right now.”

Why Newspapers Are Failing

Is there anyone not talking about a crisis in the news industry? The New York Times is dumping 100 jobs. The troubled Tribune Company is offloading 400-500 people. And across the country there are reports of slumping advertising and impending layoffs. Now this report in AdAge:

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Newspapers and RSS feeds
2Mar0Newspapers and RSS feeds
by Here’s a hot topic that was brought to me today by an editor in Indiana, who asked why should his newspaper offer an RSS feed (or news feed), when it could then be used by other newspapers?

For those unfamiliar with RSS feeds, it is a syndication feed on some websites that allows the content of the site to be read in news readers or other websites. This site uses such a news feed in both ways: The content of the site can be read in a news reader and we have content from other sites fed into this site in the middle navigation bar to your right.

RSS feeds serve a very specific purpose and are used to a great extent by many people who use the web. In no way does it make it easier for people to steal content from your site. In most cases, someone who uses an RSS feed on their site can actually help the site who supplies the information with traffic and ad revenue.

If someone were to just take your content without giving credit or linking to your site, they can do it very easily by copying and pasting.

And I believe the RSS feeds can actually help newspapers in both readership and advertising revenue.



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