Never take life seriously. Nobody gets out alive anyway.

Elizabeth Taylor trivia

1. She played Pearl Slaghoople, Fred Flintstone’s mother-in-law in the movie The Flintstones.

2. Biggest paycheque: $2.5 million for The Flintstones. Lowest: $100 a week for Lassie Come Home.

3. $63 million: The amount The Men In Her Life, an Andy Warhol painting of Liz “between husbands,” sold for at auction last November.

4. She spoke Maggie Simpson’s first (and only) word on The Simpsons — “Daddy!” She also played herself in a cameo on the episode Krusty Gets Kancelled.

5. Was portrayed, cruelly, by a fattened John Belushi in a sketch on Saturday Night Live.

6. Has had six personal scents marketed in her name — Passion, White Diamonds, Diamonds And Rubies, Diamonds And Emeralds, Diamonds And Sapphires and Black Pearls.

7. She was co-Matron Of Honour at the Liza Minnelli/David Gest wedding.

8. She was Godmother of two of Michael Jackson’s children, Paris and Prince Michael.

9. At a Vancouver conference for the American Foundation for AIDS Research, she slammed the Jean Chretien government for cancelling a $40-million AIDS strategy program. “In a country as wealthy and apparently progressive as Canada, I would have expected something better,” she said.

10. No hard feelings between her and Debbie Reynolds. They co-starred with Shirley MacLaine in a 2001 TV movie called These Old Broads, written by Debbie’s daughter Carrie Fisher. Reynolds’ then-husband Eddie Fisher left her for Taylor in the late ’50s.


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