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Free app to watch live TV on android phone?

Recently I posted how you can watch live IPL matches online for free. But what if you have no access to both your computer and TV? In this case, you can watch live cricket on your mobile phone!
There are two ways to watch cricket live on your mobile phone, via internet using the GPRS, and using the mobile apps to watch the matches.

If you have a GPRS enabled mobile phone with a very good network connection, then you can watch live cricket matches easily by visiting the websites that stream the cricket matches live online.
The only issue with this approach is that the internet connection on your mobile phone must be very good. I suggest you to go for a 3G network connection to enjoy the uninterrupted live video streaming of cricket matches.

To watch live cricket on Nokia mobile phones or phones running on the Symbian operating system, you can use these two apps to watch cricket live.
Mobile ESPN app shows you live scores with ball by ball updates. You can see videos, stats and players’ profiles instantly.
Yahoo! Cricket Scores: Just like the Mobile ESPN app, it shows you live cricket scores on your nokia mobile phone. The only issue with this app is that it doesn’t work with some older nokia models. If it doesn’t work on your phone, then try using the Mobile ESPN app.
Note that most Nokia phones run on Symbian operating system. Both the above apps can be downloaded for free from the OVI store.
To watch live cricket on Android Based Mobile Phones, you can use the Cricket Live app. Its the best free android app that keeps you updated with live cricket scores on the go! Features includes live scores, mini card widget support including separate batting and bowling cards, complete series and venue info updates, toss info etc. The refresh rate of scores is customizable.
To watch live cricket on iPhone, use Cricket score for iPhone. Its basically a live cricket scoreboard for your iPhone. The scores are updated after every 30 seconds if you have enabled the auto reload feature. If multiple matches are being played on same day, then you can switch between them in a single click.
To watch live cricket on Blackberry or any java enabled mobile phone, you can use Cricinfo Snaptu app. Just like the other apps it can display live cricket scores, commentary, scorecards etc. on your blackberry or java supported phone.

There are some mobile apps for live cricket that are available for all the mobile platforms, including Symbian, iOS and Android. Two best apps in this category are:
ECB Cricket: Great app that provides individual batting and bowling scorecards along with the live scores. Also provides photo galleries of the matches and after/before match events. You can also configure this app to notify you of the fall of wickets. Download iPhone Version, Android Version, Symbian Version
of ECB Cricket app.
Circitch: The most advanced app to watch live cricket on the mobile phones. But the disadvantage is that all the advanced features are available only for the paid version of this app. The free version is just like the other apps listed on this page. You can download Cricitch for your phone from this page.

Watch World Cup Cricket Live In US / America On Android, BalckBerry, Symbian OS, PS3, Windows Phone, Boxee, Google TV, Samsung Internet TV, PC, Laptop, Desktop, Roku
All you cricket fans in America, there is a reason for you to celebrate. If you are not at home and you want to watch ICC World Cup Cricket Live then you don’t have to worry at all ! Willow.TV brings cricket to your web browsers, smart phone mobile devices, iPad, tablet devices and IP ready devices.

You can watch cricket on :

iPhone / iPad,

Android Phones,

BlackBerry Phones,

Symbian OS Phones,


Google TV,



Samsung Internet TV

PC, Desktop and Laptops

Subscription link can be found here.

best droid apps

Looking for the best free droid x apps
Question by K M: I’m looking for the ideal free droid x apps?
I just got a droid x – and I want to know what are the some of the ideal free apps I can get. I’m not some uber-professional that needs stocks/finances, but I do use mobile banking. I like some games and neat things to pass time. I like music/video like most people. Not sure what else I can mention. I know this phone does a ton, just want to make sure I’m utilizing it’s capabilities.

Best answer:

Answer by rullean
you can definitely browse google for that one.. but for me, as experienced, i like the following:

1. AndFTP – upload or download from your ftp site
2. Advanced Task Killer – saves battery life
3. Barcode Scanner – for those square 2d codes to automatically download from the Market
4. Compass – obvious
5. Doodledroid – if you want to draw stuff using your phone
6. Dual File Manager – the ideal file manager for me since it can open password fortified fix files (provided you know the password)
7. First Aid – obvous
8. Fring – superior than default IM
9. HYReader – if you have .chm files, you can read them on your android using this
10. IP Cam Viewer – want to know if there are traffic on the road?
11. Lookout – from, as advertised on Verizon ads
12. Memory Booster – reclaims ram
13. Mikandi – for adults
14. Sca – spy camera
15. Skyfire – browse flash sites (if you dont have froyo)
16. Dolphin Browser HD – superior than stock chrome (if you dont have froyo)
17. Google Voice – obvious
18. Uninstaller – no need to state why you want to uninstall an app
19. WordPress – if you maintain a wordpress blog
20. Qik – video calls

How will i save apps from my droid x to the SD card?
Question by jm11694: How can I save apps from my droid x to the SD card?
I just got a droid x and don’t want to fill the phone memory. Is there any way to save my apps to my SD card?

Best answer:

Answer by Kasey C
Menu / Settings / Applications / Manage Applications

If the app can be moved to SD card, it will have a “move to SD card” button. If it can’t, it can’t.

Also, only PART of the app is moved. How much depends on the app.

Kasey C, computer guru since Apple II days
I’m not a complete idiot, some parts are missing!

Any way to watch live tv on android mobile?
Question by Nikon Fan: Any way to watch live tv on android mobile?
Or is there an app I can use to watch live tv on my Android phone? thanks

Best answer:

Answer by Jack Joins
Hi, you can try Mobile television Elite software, I use it before and it works for me. Mobile television Elite is a legal and innocuous software which grant you to watch over 1,000 Satellite HD channels via optimized streaming technology on your mobile cell phone or iPad. It supports all kinds of mobile cell phones, such as nokia, blackberry, windows mobile, android, iphone, even iPad and other portable devices. Download it here and instantly turn your phone into a Super television :

Mobile television Elite Software is compatible with nearly all types of mobile cell phones. You only needs ONE of the following things to transfer the software to your mobile device: 128 Mb memorycard or higher, card-reader or USB cable. Hope it’s what you are looking for.

Give your answer to this question below!

3 comments – What do you think? Posted by admin – at 11:21 pm
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The Lines Between iPod Touch and iPhone Have Started to Blur
That means you can get nearly iPad calibre video in approximately 3.6 ounces of device vs. 24 ounces of device; in a device that fits a shirt pocket vs. a device you need a separate bag for. In a device you can hold up as a reader vs. a device that tires your arms.

This Touch is VERY practical for reading NYTimes articles or USAToday articles in their reader applications, optimized for this size display (crisp, massive type). VERY practical for browsing the regular on-line editions of most newspapers (tap once to fit a column to a screen with nice readable type). GREAT for YouTube since the YouTube app included with the device is optimized for delivering high def YouTube content – if available, HD videos are automatically preferred. GREAT for Netflix and Hulu Plus. GREAT for gmail and ok for Facebook (I am sure FB will make its dedicated app more user-friendly in the future).

Great, for me, for online banking and stock research/trading.

Great for catching up on tech websites in their “mobile” formats.

So-so for Yahoo; I don’t like Yahoo Mobile right now and their regular online edition, via the built in Safari browser, doesn’t scale up and down as nicely as the online NYTimes does.

And oh yeah, the device can store sufficient amounts of your own music library (or stream Slacker or Pandora, customized for you, in free or pay editions) and download iTunes paid video content for later consumption, stream to Apple TV, or you can move your own DVD content to the device via simple conversion programs.

Last year I ventured out on some vacations with an iPod Touch, the last generation, as a “backup” to my netbook. I found myself easily reading emails, but preferring the netbook for replies. I didn’t read any books with it until early this year, and was surprised by how well book reading worked. I Skyped home.

When this new generation Touch came out, I got it as a matter of reflex, justifying the buy on the basis of the built-in camera and built-in microphone (which means I don’t have to use “inline mics” with fruit buds any more). But in reality, the sharpness of the screen is MUCH more important. I have now, simply as a result of this device, switched to e-reading from print reading. On the road, this has largely displaced the netbook (except for reviews like this); most friends communicate in shorter emails these days anyway, and most emails are ads and blurbs, not stuff you need to reply to.

But now at home I find myself ALSO using this new generation iPod Touch a LOT. In the morning to check emails for anything really important, to check NYTimes headlines, before I even roll out of bed. Anytime I want to check emails or Facebook the rest of the day, without firing up the regular desktop computer. At bed to read.

In short, the darn thing is a working computer. Great for CONSUMPTION, patience-testing for INPUT. (Although forcing my input to slow down, say, for Easy Notes entries might be a good thing – forces me to slow down and be a lot more concise.)
A word on gaming and pricing. My children have the 8 gb, 4th gen (this one) model and LOVE it for games. The motion detector is VERY responsive and watching a 3.5 y.o. use “dual thumbs” on the screen blows me away. You will NOT get the same screen responsiveness and motion detection on an Android device. Some developers are even reluctant to develop Android versions because the hardware for Android devices simply has too many variants in the marketplace vs. much smaller overall market share. This can change, but for now Apple dominates the gaming market. This week Apple is offering the Touch in 8 gb mode for slightly over 2 bills but with a 25 gift card. The value for dollar is incredible. Think carefully before you try to find a substitute! (FWIW I love Apple hardware but don’t like the “locked down” system it has become – I hate having to use iTunes as “Grand Central Station” for Touch operations. So I am actually inclined to be biased AGAINST Apple, but in the case of the Touch the results are simply too good to ignore.)

Be the first to comment – What do you think? Posted by admin – February 20, 2011 at 11:16 pm
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Free app to watch live TV on android phone?
Question by sportsfan777: Free app to watch live television on android phone?
where can i watch the NY GIANTS game live from my android phone for free

Best answer:

Answer by chino
i dont know if has an app but im pretty sure you can watch the games on there



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