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Volkswagen celebrates India win with TOI

Volkswagen has been making news with its innovative campaign, be it the roadblock in The Times of India or creating a stir with the talking newspaper for the launch of its sedan Vento. Now, Volkswagen has gone a step further with yet another innovation with its ‘Think Blue’ campaign for the launch of the all-new Passat with BlueMotion Technologies. The innovation in The Times of India saw the play with the newspaper’s masthead with an inclusion of Blue in its name and the biggest coup was to change the font colour of all the news headlines into blue.

The all blue headline coincided with the stupendous win of Men in Blue against Pakistan in the Semi-Final clash of the ICC World Cup. While the entire nation was celebrating India’s win, the blue headlines of the newspaper actually looked like a salute to the win for those who were eager to devour all the news on the match and didn’t pay much attention to the full page sketch on the front page with just two words ‘Think Blue’ or even the next page, which talked about ‘Think Blue as the new green… It is only on page 3 where half the newspaper is taken by the match stories does one get to see the popular VW logo and the lines: ‘Think Blue. Win Blue. Volkswagen congratulates the Indian cricket team. To know more about Think Blue, log on to’. So, it’s still not clear if VW is just congratulating Indian team or there is a deeper connect until one reaches the last two pages, which talk about the BlueMotion Technologies and the last page, which presents the all-new Passat with BlueMotion Technologies.

As a media observer, Sudha Natrajan, Deputy CEO, Lintas Media Group, commented on the initiative and said, “The campaign rides on the current sentiment of people following the win, but somehow I am not instead of convinced about the creative, which says ‘Think Blue is the new green’ and cycling instead of driving over the weekend. I feel it’s more of a gimmick and less to do with connect with the product. Also, I wonder what would have happened if we had lost as most of the pages must have been planned early, leaving aside just few.”

Divya Gururaj, Managing Director, MediaCom India, and the agency handling the media business for the auto major, said, “India’s win proved to be great for us in terms of timing of the campaign. The TVC of the campaign made a debut during the match and the print followed the next day. The blue headlines are a celebration of India’s win and also introduces VW’s ‘Think Blue’ campaign where one would see a series on innovation throughout the year.”

So what if India had not won? Gururaj added, “We had a contingency plan in place, so there was really nothing to worry about.”


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  1. please send passat volkswagen car prices

    April 19, 2011 at 2:35 am

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