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Aaj Tak rules in Delhi, BBC in Mumbai

News Channels found In the WTC disaster a hook that ensured hefty viewer ship will beyond the event itself. In tandem with worldwide trends, the TAM and INTAM television viewer ship data released today for the week September 10-17 substantiates the same for India as well.

According to Exchange4media (e4m), which did an impromptu analysis of the TAM data, the reach soared for all news channels across the board. The viewership garnered by the news channels could well compare with mass-entertainment channels. “ In fact, in Delhi and Mumbai the reach of news channels vied aggressively with BBC, the American news channels CNN, despite on-the hour coverage, reached much less people than its rivals typically 40 percent of the reach of Star News and BBC. As days progressed, however, Zee News made a strong comeback.

In Delhi, it was Aaj Tak all the way. Having a reach of 23 percent on the fateful Tuesday, the homegrown news channel edged out all others by the end of four days of coverage with a 39 per cent reach.

In Chennai, according to the TAM data, the pecking order was as follows: Sun News, BBC and CNN. Sun News apparently reached close to 30 per cent with BBC in the range of 10-11 per cent and CNN with 6-7 per cent.


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