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Twitter Guide – Everything about Twitter

What is Twitter

Twitter LogoTwitter is a Real-Time short messaging service which helps you to connect with your friends and followers no matter where you are and how you want to get connected. Its a 140 characters limit messaging service where you can post messages in your Twitter account and its posted on your public account which is also sent your followers as updates.

Register for Free Twitter Account

You can register for a Twitter account offcourse for free of charges with your Full Name, Username , Password & Email Address. Once you enter this information you are a twitter user and have access to all the services which others do. You dont need to confirm anything in your address, and directly start using the twitter account.

What are Tweets

The simple and short messages you send on Twitter are called as Tweets, which are sent to your followers and shown on your Twitter Profile Page. If you dont have any friends or contacts with your Twitter Account then these Tweets are worth nothing because there is no one who is going to read them. On the Twitter Homepage , once you login to your account you will find all the Tweets posted by you and your contacts the way blog posts are listed with the latest & fresh ones on the top and older ones moving down.

How to Twitter

Adding tweets is really simple, you just have to login to your Twitter account and then visit the Home section at Here you will find a box where you can enter the Tweets and click on ‘Update’ which posts the Tweet on all your followers Homepage. Make sure the message you try to send is less than 140 characters because anything about that is not accepted.

Who are Followers & What is Following

At Twitter its really easy to find someone and start following them. Following means that you are becoming a follower of someone, after which what all he tweets in his twitter account is updated on your homepage. Lets say you are following you friends, then whenever he sends a message on Twitter, all the followers like you get the same message.

How to Follow Someone

In order to follow someone in Twitter you need to visit the profile page of your friends and then hit the ‘Follow’ button which is available just below their Profile Photo. Once this is done you are a Follower of that specified Twitter member and you will be able to see all their messages in your Twitter Homepage. You can Following anyone except those who have not Protected their updates and kept a private profile. There is no rule that the person whom you have followed should Follow you back but if he follows back you can send him private messages which are normally notified to him via email.

How do i UnFollow Someone very same way you follow someone in Twitter, you need to click on the ‘Following’ option which is available just below their Profile Photo. You will be asked to confirm if you want to Remove the account from your ‘Following’ members list, which once clicked you are done with the Unfollowing process and you wont see any of their updates on your Twitter Homepage. The person whom you have UnFollowed can still continue Following you because there is no link between these actions and he can continue to read all your updates on his homepage.

How to reply other Twitter Members

When you follow other users, you keep getting their messages on your Homepage and in case you want to reply to any of these, you just need to hit on the ‘reply to following username’ link located on the right of the message. Once you hit that button you will get the same Tweet submission box but with the username of the member whom you are sending a message prefixed.

Reply Twitter Message

Finding something on Twitter

If you looking for something on Twitter then Twitter Search would be the best option because it shows you with Real-Time Search Results for the keywords you type in the Search Box. The search engine is really cool because it shows all the tweets with the searched keyword and the very same page would notify you if there are any latest tweets with the searched keyword, and in order to view it you need to refresh the page.


Twitgoo is a quick, easy, reliable, and safe way to share images for Twitter.Upload your pictures here or from hundreds of applications directly to Twitter.

Twitter takes your privacy very seriously.

Only click “Allow” for applications you trust. Allowing this application to connect to your account may give twitgoo access to your Direct Messages (DMs), or the ability to Tweet on your behalf.

You may revoke access to this application at any time by visiting your Settings page.

What is TwitPic?

TwitPic lets you share media on Twitter in real-time.

How do I use TwitPic?

You can post photos or videos to TwitPic from your phone, from the site, or through email. All popular Twitter clients have built-in support for TwitPic using API.



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