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Cosmopolitan gets busy in 2011; expansion on the cards

‘Cosmopolitan’ is celebrating its 14th anniversary in India and is planning to spread its wings in language magazine markets in coming years. Also, the magazine is geared for the third edition of Fun, Fearless, Female Awards, which will be held on March 5, 2011, in Mumbai. The Awards will honour famous, glamorous, accomplished, inspiring and exceptional women and men of India.

Speaking on the magazine’s expansion plans, Mala Sekhri, COO, Life Style Division, India Today Group, said, “We are definitely interested in language magazine markets, but I cannot give you any deadlines yet.”

When asked about the preferred language should ‘Cosmopolitan’ venture into language media, Sekhri replied, “Hindi is certainly one.”

She further said that the India Today Group had been the largest supporter of language publishing. “So, definitely we are interested in covering whole country. Why not have ‘Cosmopolitan’ in other languages?” Sekhri asked.

Apart from this, the Cosmopolitan Fun, Fearless, Female Awards is going to be held this week. Speaking on the thought process behind these Awards, Sekhri commented, “‘Cosmopolitan’ is an attitude, and through these awards, we are taking it out Live. These awards are not for any achievement or movie hit, but for your attitude – who you are as a person.”

In the first year of these awards, actress Sushmita Sen was given the award, while in 2010 the recipient was actress Katrina Kaif.



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