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Creating the right IMPACT: VGC gives a more vibrant, upbeat look to magazine

since its inception in 2004, IMPACT, the weekly magazine on advertising from the exchange4media Group, has gained widespread acceptance and respect from the advertising and media industry. The new-look IMPACT, which was unveiled at the sixth edition of the IMPACT Person of the Year 2010, recently, has left the industry pleasantly surprised. Vyas Giannetti Creative is the agency behind the new-look IMPACT. The IMPACT Person of the Year 2010 was presented by Jagran.

In his opening address at the awards ceremony in Mumbai on December 16, 2010, Anurag Batra, Chairman and Editor-in-Chief, exchange4media Group, had remarked, “This year was a special year as we were coming out of the recession and the sentiments are upbeat. Today is also a special day as we will be launching a new IMPACT. We believe IMPACT has been around as a weekly for six and a half years, the only weekly in our industry, so it is time to refresh it in some way. Around this time last year, we had engaged with leading design and communication agency led by Preeti Vyas. Preeti and her team have conducted a research and put together a new look for IMPACT and today, you will see a new IMPACT, not just in design, but an editorial led design change. Anything new takes time to settle in the mind and we hope you like it.”

Sharing her thoughts, Preeti Vyas, Chairman, Vyas Giannetti Creative, said, “IMPACT has been around for a long while and it has been part of the family of this industry. There isn’t a week that goes by where we don’t find ourselves browsing through a weekly issue of IMPACT. It has become a part and voice of our industry. When I was approached regarding a new look for IMPACT, I thought it was a great move to re-invent an already successful magazine.”

The new look for IMPACT lends it a young and fresh feel with pulsating colours jumping off the cover to greet you with a new energy. The masthead is now in the title case, in a bold and colourful font. An interesting touch is the use of square brackets, framing the masthead as well as throughout the magazine in quotes, slugs and pictures, giving a signature touch to further brand IMPACT’s new look. As one flips through the pages, there is an international, clean, easy to read look to the copy with a generous splash of colour, giving a lively and welcoming feel that reflects the new attitude and approach adopted by the magazine.

Elaborating on the new look, Vyas said, “You refresh a magazine by staying relevant, by embracing the ever changing face of communication and by looking at the road ahead. These are challenging times we live in, as there is a need to endorse a new approach to this changing and already upon us New Age. For doing this, we adopted a process that was inclusive. So, we conducted key stakeholder interviews within the IMPACT family and created certain focus areas. Everyone was of the opinion that they love the magazine and that if it had to change, it should take a leap and be completely fresh and engage in new conversations. We then took these recommendations that helped us find a new strategic positioning and it has completely resonated with the way the IMPACT team felt the magazine should be going. This then helped us create an audio-visual language, a design dialogue for the magazine, and I am sure the team will carry forward the conceptual work and live up to that promise issue after issue.”

Raising the curtain on the new IMPACT, Vyas said, “For us, it was really a matter of IMPACT creating more ‘impact’. To present a viewpoint, to take a stand, to create greater focus, zoom in to issues and matters that matter to the industry, we present the new IMPACT to you.”




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