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Economy India Group set to launch two more publications

‘Economy India’, an economic monthly magazine, will have two more publications from its group – ‘Society India’ and ‘Rajniti India’ in English and Hindi, respectively. The launch was expected in February 2011, informed Manohar Manoj, Publisher & Editor, ‘Economy India’.

‘Society India’ will be monthly magazine with a cover price of Rs 30, while ‘Rajniti India’ will be a fortnightly newspaper and will be priced at Rs 5.

Manoj, who is also the founder President of Bhartiya Yuva Patrakar Sangthan, said, “‘Economy India’ has proved itself as a publication for knowledge-oriented journalism. It has provided its readers a true admixture of news, research and competitive kind of journal. Like ‘Economy India’, ‘Society India’ and ‘Rajniti India’ will be in both Hindi and English languages. The reader of ‘Society India’ will find a true and holistic analysis of the Indian society and its anthropology, whereas ‘Rajniti India’ will be an impartial presentation of the dynamics of Indian politics.”



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