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Pathfinder launches another title – Competition360

‘It’s not just another competition magazine’ – if Maheshwar Peri, Publisher, Outlook Magazine, had said this in the context of the latest title from his venture Pathfinder, it would not be an unfair statement.

Pathfinder has added another title to its offering in the form of Competition360. The magazine is targeted at the 22-27 year old, guiding them through various competitive exams. Apart from material preparing students mentally for these exams, Competition360 comprises sample test papers as well. The publication launches on February 1, 2011, and is priced at Rs 50.

Aware of the competition in the space from the likes of Competition Success Review, Pathfinder has added dimension to Competition360, making it a double-sided magazine, where the flipside is Employment360. Planned as a complete offering, Employment360 has content ranging from preparing for interviews to job listings, including private sector companies.

However, for the 147 pages of Competition360, which includes the sample test papers, Employment360 owned only 28 pages in the inaugural issue. Peri divulged that he expected the ratio to change over a period of time, and the advice quotient in the content of Competition360 and Employment360 would be equal.

Speaking further on the magazine, Peri explained, “Everyone today wants to be an IIM or an IIT graduate – some get through and some don’t. The magazine is targeted at how to crack these exams on the one side and the other side, assuming you don’t, is about what else you can do if you don’t get through the exams.”

For the employment part of the news, Employment360 competes with the likes of Employment News. Peri informed that at present, no other publication in the space was speaking of the opportunities in the private sector space. “There are options open beyond just civil jobs,” he stated.

Peri would support the launch of the magazine with marketing largely in OOH mediums in areas likely to find the relevant target groups, and hence the likes of campus areas and universities. The magazine would also be advertised in publications such as The Hindu.

As is known, in addition to his role at the Outlook Group, Peri’s endeavours to engage the younger audiences led him to establish Pathfinder, where he is a majority stakeholder. Pathfinder’s first title Careers360 was launched in April 2009, targeting the 18-24 year old. The magazine was first launched in English and then in Hindi. Combining the two languages, Careers360 sells 150,000 copies. Competition360 begins with a print run of 100,000 copies. A Hindi language edition can also be expected for the title.

Peri did not offer much on what his further plans for Pathfinder may include, but he did hint that Employment360 could always grow to become a title by itself.




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