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Spenta Multimedia launches the Indian edition of Domus

Spenta Multimedia has announced the addition of ‘Domus’ to its portfolio of consumer titles. A monthly magazine, ‘Domus’ will be launched in India in May 2011. Radhika Desai has been roped in as Editor for the Indian edition of ‘Domus’.

‘Domus’, the Italian bilingual international magazine on architecture, art and design, is distributed abroad in 88 countries and also appears in Russian, Arabic, Israeli, Chinese and now Indian editions.

Commenting on the importance of the Indian market, Dr Maria Giovanna Mazzocchi Bordone, Publisher and Managing Editor of Domus, said, “Since its first publication in 1928, ‘Domus’ has held a leading role in promoting and anticipating architectural and artistic movements and every sort of creative impulse across the world. Emerging countries, nowadays, are more and more urged to imagine, plan, and design new environments, while social services and town-planning issues compel for attention. We are confident that ‘Domus’, through its broad international perspective and tight integration between its various communication channels, will offer Indian professionals and academicians a unique insight into these questions, enabling them to guide and influence new ways of living, new ways of perceiving environments, objects, cities and outlying spaces.”

Commenting on the expanded scope of Spenta Multimedia’s publishing business, Maneck Davar, Proprietor, Spenta Multimedia, said, “At Spenta, we have always felt the need for an international class architecture and design magazine, which will expose international trends and sub-continental directions to the growing numbers of Indian architects and designers facing the challenges of creating the built environment. India being poised for rapid growth in all aspects of infrastructure, the need for a media product which articulates the rationale behind design was keenly felt.”

He further said, “‘Domus’ is not another magazine on pretty interiors; it is a thought-provoking forum encouraging lively discussion and debate on key issues relating to design. ‘Domus’ comes with a huge reputation, which puts an onus on us to adhere to everything that has made the magazine it is today.”

Joseph Grima, Editorial Director, Domus, said, “The intent for the Indian edition of ‘Domus’ is contiguous with and carries forward from the originating publication, while being intensified for this significant moment in the history of the Indian Sub-continent.”

Spenta Multimedia’s portfolio includes 32 custom and six consumer titles; three event properties; over 80 clients for web based publishing solutions; and a growing list of clients for content services and book publishing.



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