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Editors at newspapers supervise journalists and improve their work. Newspaper editing encompasses a variety of titles and functions. These include Copy editors, Department editors, Managing editors and assistant or deputy managing editors, News editors, Photo or picture editors, Section editors and their assistants, such as for business, features, and sports page editor, Proof Readers’ editors, Wire editors, who choose and edit articles from various area, Administrative editors etc.

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The papers contain traditionally featured news from peaceful and laborers actions to procedures, in addition to listing planned events and protests on the page. Showing the truth to our society, the paper frequently features reviews, analysis on it and liberal to publications the news, such as arrange and Direct Action as well as public to local, national and international newsletters and journals.

the way its done
– file-New-Document-then custom size of papers type in width field – 35.5cm and Height field – 53.5cm it is compulsory to type ‘cm’ in field. give 8 column.  Select the rectangle picture box tool and give size 5 cm height and width total inner area and live it for inserting mast (Heading). Then select rectangle text box tool and drag to fit in one column start typing  the news. If you want to shift the head line use Clt-Alt-Sift-9 or 0 up and down setting and adjust use Clt-Drag the text box the font increase together the box or to Expand Clt-‘[‘ or ‘]’, Clt-Shift-‘<‘ or ‘>’, Don’t use Clt-Drag inside body text of the news as it is only for headline. Enter the news in the 1st column and bold the starting letter 7 pt it is different size in different newspapers, then justify it. To insert pictures use Tiff image, use picture box right click or Clt – E to get picture select the picture open. Use or make picture in adobe Photoshop image dpi 150 to 300 dpi resolution 12cm to 33 cm width image size. If the picture size is small you have to increase its size, change mode CMYK, saveas to Tiff Image then get picture in Quark, sizing the tiff image Clt-Alt-Shift-‘<‘ or ‘>’ or direct to fit in the picture box Clt-Alt-Shift-F. Use right click fit box to picture or fit picture to box. Same type to inserting Advertising make a graphic design in Corel draw or Photoshop and save as to tiff image also with 200 – 300 dpi resolution and inserting the advertisement to just like pictures.



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