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Extract Files from RAR, ZIP, 7z and other Compressed Archives Online
You don’t need an external utility (say WinZip) to uncompress .zip files but unfortunately, the built-in decompressor of Windows Explorer cannot handle other popular zip formats like 7z, RAR, Z or TAR.

If someone sent you an email attachment, or you downloaded a file from the Internet, that is compressed using one of these formats, there’s still no need for you to install a new software to extract the contents – just head over toWobZip, upload the compressed file and you’re done.

WobZip will help you upload a compressed file under 100Mb in size. You may also use the tool to uncompress zipped files that may be protected by a password. Internally, they use the popular 7-zip utility to perform the decompression.


Now what I liked most about WobZip is that it can extract online zipped files as well. So if you happen to come across a .zip file on some website, you can simply pass the web address (URL) of that file to WobZip without having to download the file on your local drive – I am sure I’ll use this tool a lot to browse the source of WordPress plugins.

An online unzip utility like WobZip may be very handy for mobile phones as well that have a web browser but there’s no tool to uncompress zipped files.

Note that WobZip advertises itself as “in development” and “not guaranteed to be bug free”, so it may not be a bad idea to double-check the deflated archives.


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