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ramoji film city

Ramoji Film City (RFC) offers comprehensive production Services facilities for film and television productions. RFC is known for catering to more than twenty film productions simultaneously. We at RFC are here to serve you with quality and convenience. Ramoji Film City is one of the largest, most comprehensive and advanced film production facilities in the world, designed and managed with dedicated professionalism.

At Ramoji Film City, nature’s grandeur – woods, hills and lakes – frames the stunning human conceptions such as studios, gardens, hotels, multi-storied buildings and flexible mock-ups. Every RFC location, whether it is an exquisitely landscaped garden or a vividly real mock-up, has been specially conceptualised to serve filmmaking purposes. For instance, the façade and orientation of every film city edifice – airport, apartment block or a medieval castle – can be manipulated in accordance with the imperatives of a shoot.

Such a level of customization for filmmakers has been achieved because renowned designers, landscapists and architects – with a sterling record in executing film-specific projects – were deployed for creating RFC locations.

The locations encompass the entire range of settings required for film shoots: Floors/Stages, Ready Locations/Sets, Gardens/Fountains and Streets/Avenues.
Floors / Stages
Popular Ready Locations / Sets
Gardens / Fountains
Streets / Avenues
To illuminate your action in gripping vividness, Ramoji Film City offers the full complement of lights. The exceptional range provided by RFC’s modern lighting unit includes flicker-free HMIs (.575kW to 18kW), shadow casters, Tungsten (100 Watts to 5000 Watts), ARRI PAR and Kinoflos.

Grip Equipment
Ramoji Film City’s ultramodern Equipment Department stocks the full complement of filmmaking paraphernalia. The range constitutes the latest equipment preferred by discerning filmmakers across the world.

If you are particularly discerning about the kind of camera you use, it is wholly understandable. Camera is indeed the refined instrument that allows you to record your most passionate thoughts on celluloid. To help you capture your imagination on film with clarity and persuasive force, RFC’s Camera Department offers top-end camera equipment (film and video) and accessories.
Production Crew
The Indian film industry is the largest in the world. Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad and Cochin are home to some of the best technicians in India. The Crème-de-la-crème of this prodigiously talented pool is associated with RFC.

Ramoji Film City has a variety of accommodation facilities to cater to your needs – from a super luxury hotel to fine economy-class properties.

Craft Services ( Location Catering )
In addition, we can arrange a running service of tea or coffee so that crews always have their chosen stimulating brew while on shoots.
Ramoji Film City’s full-fledged transport department has been created with the express purpose of providing comprehensive logistical support to filmmakers. Highly trained and experienced professionals – from automobile engineers to chauffeurs – manage every aspect of the department’s functions.RFC’s transport wing has an extraordinarily diverse collection of vehicles – of different eras and models – to serve a range of needs. From auto rickshaws, trucks and buses to motorcycles and imported automobiles, we can provide you with the vehicle of your choice. The fleet comprises picture vehicles for such filming situations as chase sequences, car crashes and explosions.A wide range of automobiles is available for commuting purposes. Separate vehicles, of various types to suit varied purposes, have been apportioned for commuting within the RFC campus. The department is fully equipped to offer all logistics solutions, such as carrying out of hassle-free airport/railway station transfers of large crews and also of heavy filmmaking equipment. The transport department functions 24 hours a day, seven days a week and can respond to your need at any time within a moment’s notice.

Regardless of the service that you choose to use, the professionals at RFC’s transport wing are trained to respond to your need with utmost courtesy and efficiency.

Picture Vehicles
Other Vehicles for Hire
Maya – Set Design & Construction
At Maya, Ramoji Film City’s vast and fully equipped set construction facility, supremely skilled artisans help filmmakers translate their flourishing fantasies into vivid reality. The accomplished workforce of Maya consists of nearly 500 professionals with significant industry experience. Maya’s artists, moulders, sculptors and carpenters have already created an inventory of 10000 objects such as pillars, cornices, brackets moulds, domes and dado designs. An immense range of statues, busts and curios are also available. All these objects represent the arts of diverse eras and styles.To ensure you get the highest quality of settings, Maya employs professionals who have mastered various genres of relevant craftsmanship. So whether the material used is fibre-glass, clay, plaster of Paris or wood, the results will radiate exquisite beauty. The unit can also design and execute miniatures of any setting for specialised filmmaking needs.This dedicated facility functions 24 hours a day and our experts have been especially trained to deliver excellence within tight deadlines. So with Maya’s resources and expertise, you can create – with speed and accuracy – the settings of your choice, whether it is a Masai village or a street in Switzerland.

Maya artists, artisans, and architects do more than just create physical structures. They are trained to work closely with your art director/production designer to translate your concept into a completely authentic and vivid evocation of a milieu or mood.

PoP (Plaster of Paris)
Fiber Moulding
Parade – Props & Costumes
Parade, Ramoji Film City’s immense storehouse of props and costumes, stocks an unmatched inventory of thousands of objects. From Uzi machine guns to ukulele, Parade stocks authentic replicas of every conceivable item needed for a film shoot. So whether a production is set in the stone-age or in the imagined milieu of the future, Parade will have the necessary props.

Support Facilities
• Green Rooms (deluxe air-conditioned & economy) • Mobile Make-Up rooms • Dedicated Nationalised Bank • Travel Agency • Post office • Advanced Communication.


Ramoji Film City’s communication infrastructure represents state-of-the-art technology and user-friendly customisation. The complex’s dedicated Earth Station, the first to be commissioned by a private media organisation in India, makes RFC the only integrated film production studio in the world with such a technological capability.Set up in collaboration with US tech-giant Scientific Atlanta, the Earth Station facilitates live videoconferencing to help you connect with home or project office anywhere in the world.Indeed, RFC is equipped to deal with every communication need – from enabling videoconferences that straddle continents, to providing wireless sets that keep your crew in the loop during shoots within the complex.

The RFC area is served by a separate telephone exchange which guarantees a quick and hassle-free communication link to any destination, at any time. So whether you are trying to reach Delhi or Durban, you will be connected with the ease and speed that you are accustomed to.

When it comes to email or data transfer, RFC’s ‘always-on’ broadband Internet connectivity ensures that all critical information is just a click away. You can use this resource 24/7 anywhere in RFC – whether it is your plush room in one of our hotels, or your office at Samrat, RFC’s project co-ordination centre.

RFC also accommodates a full-fledged dedicated post office offering comprehensive services to facilitate national and international despatches.

Get A Budget
RFC offers one of the largest, most comprehensive and advanced film production facilities in the world. Ramoji Film City is attuned to the urgency with which filmmakers work and the complex’s professionals are trained to adapt to clients’ requirements on the fly.

The 1666-acre Ramoji Film City, established by the Ramoji Group amid the alluring grandeur of Nature, is the world’s largest integrated film studio complex and one of Asia’s most popular tourism and recreation centres. For the discerning filmmaker, RFC offers comprehensive and international-standard pre-production, production and post-production resources.

For business and leisure travellers, RFC offers a holiday experience packaged in infinite excitement and rare delights. Every year, over a million tourists come to the complex to revel in the rejuvenating fantasies of a dream world. And filmmakers, who create dazzling celluloid dreams for people around the world, turn to Ramoji Film City for matchless services and facilities. The complex’s state-of-the-art infrastructure and incomparable professional expertise have already been feted by many international filmmakers.

Chairman Mr. Ramoji Rao

The RFC infrastructure includes: custom-designed locations & mock-ups, set construction, properties & costumes, shooting stages, camera and equipment, audio post-production, digital post-production/SFX and film processing.

This expansive scope of Ramoji Film City’s infrastructure inspires our credo: Walk in with a script and walk out with a canned film.

The creation of Ramoji Film City is rooted in the Ramoji Group’s long and illustrious involvement with the film industry. Over the past two decades, Ushakiron Movies – the dedicated film production company of the group – has produced over 80 films in several Indian languages including Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Marathi and Bangla.

Our committed association with industry gave us a clear understanding of one of filmmakers’ long-cherished hopes – to experience the convenience of a facility that provides the entire range of top-quality filmmaking resources under one roof. And Ramoji Film City redeems that hope.

Offering services that are comprehensive, cost-effective and uncompromising in quality, the city rests on the secure foundation of Ramoji Group’s formidable knowledge of filmmakers’ real needs.

Ramoji Film City is a part of the well-established Ramoji Group, which is known for its distinguished engagement in diverse sectors:
· Publishing
Eenadu – One of India’s largest circulated regional language dailies with a readership of over 90,00,000. The newspaper, which has evolved as the strongest voice of the people of Andhra Pradesh, was envisioned as an endeavour to provide readers with information that really matters. News before Sunrise is the rationale that powers the Eenadu initiative.Today, the paper is simultaneously published from 24 centres.

· Satellite Television
ETV Network – A 12-channel source of rich infotainment, speaking to audiences in the language of their choice: Telugu, Bangla, Marathi, Kannada, Oriya, Gujarati, Urdu; and Hindi to viewers in Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Bihar and Madhya Pradesh. In fact, in a path-breaking initiative, ETV has created a dedicated infotainment channel for each of the four Hindi-speaking states. Every ETV Network channel focuses exclusively on its audience’s unique cultural identity, its aspirations and its distinct socio-political character.

The network’s creative drive is supported by its ability to absorb emerging technology. ETV’s state-of-the-art infrastructure includes a dedicated Earth Station, the first to be commissioned in India by a private media organization. This technological capability, augmented by the network’s India-wide VSAT facility, enables ETV to expeditiously disseminate news and other events. The network leverages its infrastructure to telecast events live whenever necessary.

The infrastructural strengths are complemented by the experience and expertise of the highly accomplished journalists who constitute ETV Network’s expansive network. Apart from major cities, ETV reporters are also stationed at remote hamlets so that the viewers get the complete picture of the happenings shaping their lives.

· TV Software Development
Ushakiron Television – Carries out TV content development for the entire ETV Network and produces wholesome programming for the whole family. Employing over 1000 highly talented and accomplished professionals, Ushakiron Television has its dedicated divisions all over India. The unit’s technical finesse and conceptualization abilities power its commitment to produce programming that redefines television viewing experience. For example, PanchatantraUshakiron Television’s recent mega-project, has secured exceptional popularity because of its thematic innovation. The series retells the timeless tales of wisdom through the illustrious Indian dramatic tradition of puppetry. Panchatantra exemplifiesUshakiron Television’s capacity to leverage state-of-the-art television technology to celebrate India’s cultural treasures.
· Film Production
Ushakiron Movies – Feted for producing meaningful and absorbing films that appeal to audiences across the social spectrum. The 20-year-old company has produced nearly 80 films in Hindi, Telugu, Kannada, Marathi and Bangla. Offerings from Ushakiron Movies are known to be wholesome family entertainers, which explains why so many of its productions have been superhits.
· Financial Services
Margadarsi Chit Fund – The 38-year-old flagship of the group is one of the most trusted chit fund (financial instrument) companies, with a subscriber base of 3,60,000 members. With its complete transparency in dealings and its highly efficient workforce of hundreds of experienced professionals,Margadarsi grows from strength to strength every year.
· Food Processing
Priya Foods – A respected brand leader involved in manufacturing and marketing such products as pickles, condiments, confectionary and edible oils. Priya’s success in international markets is based on its strict adherence to HACCP protocols. Modern, state-of-the-art food processing equipment is used by Priya to recapture the richness of India’s grandest culinary traditions.
· Hospitality
Dolphin Chain of Hotels – A reputed name in the hospitality industry for over 25 years. The company operates a range of hotels at Ramoji Film City – from super luxury Hotel Sitara to high-quality budget property Tara. The company set up Dolphin, Visakhapatnam’s first ever three-star establishment, in the 80s.

Sitara and Tara appeal to vacationers as well as MICE travellers because the properties are specially calibrated to address both the specific needs. Leisure tourists enjoy a range of recreation facilities – swimming pool, tennis and basket-ball courts, library and health club. Those participating in conferences and seminars use these unwinding options as well. When it comes to business though, they bank on our well-equipped conference halls.

· Indian Arts, Crafts & Textiles Under One Roof
Kalanjali – A vast and glittering multi-level complex that offers the finest arts, crafts and textiles from all parts of India under one roof. In fact, Kalanjali’s selection encompasses exquisite works that represent the best of the country’s astoundingly diverse arts & crafts traditions – from handlooms to woodcarvings and from premium linen to furniture. The collection of textiles and garments available at the complex pay tribute to our rich legacy of intricate craftsmanship. So whether you are looking for a curio that placates your aesthetic sense, or yearning for a utility object that complements your décor,Kalanjali is where fine art meets real life.
. Film Distrubution
Mayuri Film Distributors – A highly regarded company that provides integrated movie distribution solutions. Mayuri, which has been distributing quality films for over two decades, is a professionally managed operation with impeccable ethical credentials.

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