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Vaastu Tips in arrangement of gardens | Care to be taken for laying the garden

In the present day, people are showing interest to construct the parks and gardens in a natural way in the areas where there are lakes, waterfalls and hills. Gardening will help the people in gaining beauty and health also. According to vaastu, owners of the house will be peaceful. There will be good results by having a lake or river in the park and growing the animals like tortoise, fish etc. for this arrangement, proper directions should be selected by the people. They should take care such that there are hills and stones in the northern side, rivers and lakes in the southern side and water flow should be there towards east.

Presence of lake or river will keep the evil spirits away from the people. It is better to construct a zig- zag road for walking through the park across the water. By placing the flowers, trees and bridges in the park, it will look attractive. Black tortoise on the northern side, dragon on the eastern side and white tiger on the western side should be placed for good results. Benches and tables in the park should be in the square, round, five sided or eight sided shapes. Idol of the goddess should be placed in the northeastern side or southwestern side in the garden. Care should be taken while planting the trees in the garden. In the in method, grape, papaya, marigold flowers should be planted and in the yang method, bamboo, dates and other plants should be planted. Air from the trees is good for health and the greenery is good for eyes.


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