Never take life seriously. Nobody gets out alive anyway.

What Is Akshaya Tritiya?

They say the first thing the Lord said when he decided to create this world is ‘Akshaya’. They say that on this day was born Annapurna, goddess of food (and how appropriate is that, since today is also, per our earlier update, the International No Diet Day?) Ergo, the festival of Akshaya Tritiya — though how the above legend somehow translates into the practice of buying gold is anybody’s guess. Or maybe not: the Wall Street Journal in its round up has the answer. Sample quote:

“It’s part of a strategy to deseasonalize the demand for gold,” said Vasudha Jha, India spokeswoman for the gold mining industry body, the World Gold Council, which works with sellers to encourage gold demand. “It’s a huge marketing opportunity to really support our partners…the belief is that if you buy, what you buy on Akshaya Tritiya can never get destroyed.”

The council already describes India as the “heart of the gold market.” In 2010 it bought almost 440 metric tons of the stuff, nearly half the world demand.

But the idea is to find ways to keep the demand for gold, which spikes during Diwali, a Hindu festival that usually falls around October or November, and around weddings, from leveling off at other times of the year.

“It’ll take us time to really create a yearly calendar for people,” said Ms. Jha. “We’ve started with Akshaya Tritiya.”

9:45 am: 119 runs. 56 balls. 13 fours. 6 sixes. And what does Viru Sehwag, whose powerhouse performance single-handedly floored the Deccan Chargers attack led by Dale Steyn and Ishant Sharma yesterday, have to say about it all? This, which we spotted just now on his Twitter stream: “Hope you guys enjoyed the innings. Thank you for your wishes.” Wow — gives a whole new meaning to “under-statement”, this guy. Consider that he had lost his opening partner off the second ball of a stiff chase; consider that by the end of the 6 overs of fielding restrictions the Daredevils were well behind the pace, having lost 29 for 3, with Sehwag himself on an uncharacteristic 12 off 14 balls thanks to an incisive opening spell by Steyn and Ishant… and then consider Sehwag’s phlegmatic response at the end of the mayhem that began in the 18th over, which began with his team needing 144 from just 13 overs: “Batsmen like Warner, or me, or Gilchrist or Tendulkar, can do anything if we play for so many overs,” Sehwag said. Before the game, he told his team to play fearless cricket; they went out there and bowled no balls, dropped catches, converted singles into fours — so he just decided the hell with this, I’ll do it all myself. How many players do we know who can walk their talk that way?


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