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2,000-year-old ship found near Rome

The remains of a 2,000-year-old wooden ship, dating back to the Roman Empire, have been found near Rome’s ancient port of Ostia.

The ship’s discovery, made during work at the site of a new road, has been hailed as an important one by archaeologists.
The wooden ship is about 11 metres long, making it one of the largest ancient vessels excavated near Ostia Antica, a port city founded 2,500 years ago that became Rome’s first colony.

The ship’s bow and stern are missing.
“The restoration work is very delicate as we have to continually cover the boat with water to prevent the wood drying out. It needs to be handled using very sophisticated techniques,” archaeologist Anna Maria Moretti said.

The remains of the ship were found four metres below the ground during repair of a bridge linking the modern-day coastal town of Ostia to the fishing port of Fiumicino, where Rome’s main airport is located.
Culture Minister Giancarlo Galan described the discovery as “spine-tingling”.

2,000 Year-Old Deep-Sea Black Coral in the Gulf of Mexico






“For the first time, scientists have been able to validate the age of deep-sea black corals in theGulf of Mexico.  They found the Gulf is home to 2,000 year-old deep-sea black corals, many of which are only a few feet tall. […] Deep-sea black corals are a perfect example of ecosystems linked between the surface and the deep ocean. They can potentially record this link in their skeleton for hundreds to thousands of years.”  Quoted from theUSGS press release.1500 Year-Old Ship Found in the Black Sea

This National Geographic video visits a perfectly preserved Byzantine Ship that sank about 1500 years ago in the Black Sea. The fantastic preservation of this ship is a result of the oxygen poor environment on the bottom of the Black Sea.
1500 Year-Old Ship Found in the Black Sea








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