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Why terrorists strike in India, why they are eying on Bhakra Dam?

Bhakra Dam on hit-list of LeT and JuD: Intelligence reports

The 225-metre high Bhakra Dam is high on the latest hit-list of Pakistan-based terrorist outfits like the Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) and the Jamaat-ud-Dawa (JuD), specific intelligence reports have said.

The Intelligence Bureau (IB), in its latest report to various security agencies, including the Himachal and Punjab Police, has said that Pakistan-based terror outfits were specifically training their cadres in cliff-climbing, swimming across water channels and handling explosives with the intention to attack the dam, located near the border between Punjab and Himachal Pradesh.

“A number of intelligence inputs indicate that the Bhakra Dam is one of the most preferred targets of Pak-based terrorist organisations. Reportedly, the LeT has also been training its cadres on aspects like cliff-climbing, swimming across water channels and handling of explosives with the intention to target major dams in India, particularly those located in Jammu and Kashmir, Punjab and Himachal Pradesh,” the IB report, a copy of which is with IANS, said.

“Recently, Pak-based terrorist outfits like the JuD/LeT have been raising the emotive issue of water sharing between India and Pakistan and allege that India has been appropriating major share of water from rivers flowing into Pakistan by constructing various dams. The Bhakra Dam figures prominently on their target list due to its economic importance and potential for large-scale damage on the downstream,” the report has warned.

“Bhakra Dam has high propaganda value and any attack (on it) would attract immediate media attention,” the report pointed out, saying that the dam had acquired “iconic status”.

The report said the Bhakra Dam, India’s first and biggest hydro-electric project which was described by former prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru as the “temple of resurgent India”. Located about 130 km from Chnadigarh on river Sutlej, it is 15 km from Nangal town of Punjab. The dam can be reached by road from Nangal and the Naina Devi temple side in Himachal Pradesh.

The IB said that security measures and equipment at the Bhakra Dam were currently grossly inadequate. It said that the dam’s security was being handled by multiple agencies “leading to confusion and dilution of responsibility. There should be a single agency responsible for security of the entire project”.

The security of the landmark dam is being looked after by central para-military forces and aided by the Himachal and Punjab Police.

The report has stated that the security equipment and gadgets like walkie-talkie sets were inadequate and outdated. The check barriers on access roads to the dam are manually operated and not equipped to handle any forced entry.

“The dam also needs to be secured from underwater threat. Sensors, sonars and underwater cameras may be considered for the purpose,” the report said, adding that divers should periodically check underwater for any unwanted activity.

While suggesting greater manpower and technology need at the dam immediately, the IB report has even suggested more watch-towers, cameras for all areas and speedboats for security personnel to ward off any threat.

Work on the dam had started just after India’s independence in 1947 and was completed in 1963.

The nearly 90-km long reservoir, Gobind Sagar, created by the dam can hold over 9,300 million cubic metres of water. This is enough to flood major parts of north India, including Punjab, Haryana, Chandigarh and Delhi.

–IR Summary/GBA – Dr. Raj Baldev, Cosmo Theorist, Lead Man God Believers Association (GBA), an NGO on World Peace Mission, during his lecture on  “Why terrorists prefer to strike India and eyeing on Bhakra Dam ” said here on Saturday: “The terrorism has become a regular, lucrative and high rewarding profession. It is spreading its wings unendingly, more and more groups are joining in this line of work.”

The GBA President said: “In this profession, there is no scope of any conscience, neither there is any sort of consideration of a human life or same religion or fellow religious people, who are killed or being regularly eliminated and seriously injured for no fault of theirs.

“To such killers, there is no point of any regard, only killing and killing, only money and money, refusal means death. Who is killed is not an issue for them.”

GBA Lead Man Dr. Raj Baldev, Cosmo Theorist, further said, “The main concern of leaders of such groups and factions is exclusively money and maintenance of their high radical positions over the wealthy people in their own region.

“The terrorist groups don’t operate in their own areas; they function on such areas where they don’t have any concern.

The terrorist groups are also political minded, they even offer their services to different countries having enmity with other countries, this is the main modus operandi of terrorist groups. In addition, those who refuse to meet their financial demands face terrorist attacks on their vulnerable points.

So far the wealthy people or people at the helm of affairs of certain countries, remain terrified from them, the leaders of the terrorist groups are satisfied. The group leaders get  considerable amount regularly on the pretext of their being in dangerous profession and they are called “the Death Traders” (Maut Ke Sudaagar).

“When any of the groups does a terrorist attack on any sensitive point and causes heavy tolls and injure many in any country, the media as a whole spreads the message of their violence throughout, more the casualties, more the price of the terrorist groups.  

“When Indian Media releases the news, it carries more weight for the terrorist groups, since they get more publicity in India by carrying out their terrorist actions; they also get more money from others.”

Dr. Raj Baldev said, “The terrorist leaders make their own laws and that situation keeps the wealthy people of that area on their toe. The directly involved persons, who are engaged to carry out terrorist acts, are either regular or casual recruits of their group.

They train their recruits for the terrorist job to be carried out by them and deliberately release the videos particularly to Indian TV Channels indirectly so that more and more publicity could come to their credit.

“These people, who launch attacks, are normally innocent; they are misguided either for money or cultivate hatred in their brains against certain groups by narrating false stories to them in such manners that those tips could touch their religious sentiments.

“The main purpose of the terrorist leaders is to maintain their local positions wherever they are stationed in any region or country. They carry out certain terrorist activities continuously through their regular recruits and when any act of terrorism takes place anywhere in any country; they prefer India to be attacked, where they fetch most speedy and effective wide publicity which benefit them more.

‘The repercussion of the terrorist acts is more on the surrounding where their leaders are stationed.   

Dr. Raj Baldev, Cosmo Theorist, said, “Now 3 terrorist groups including Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) and the Jamaat-ud-Dawa (JuD), are claiming to be planning to hit the 225-meter high Bhakra Dam on the instance of Pakistan, not knowing what they are planning to do?

Firstly, it is for Himachal Pradesh and also for Punjab to take special care for them.

Secondly, Dr. Jolly Bansal, a well reputed doctor of Delhi, suggested that Pt. Sukh Ram. Veteran Congress Leader and former Union Minister, is the right person, a great patriot and holds a high sense of farsightedness and his guidance could help the country.”

Dr. Jolly Bansal said, “Though Pt. Sukh Ram was entrapped by certain vested interests due to some political reasons in a mega scam, he being a great patriot would properly guide the authorities of Himachal Pradesh how to take care of in such eventualities, he shall also undoubtedly help the Centre how to tackle the situation.”

“The Intelligence fears that danger is roving over the Bhakra Dam, and in this regard the GBA feels Pt. Sukh Ram can be of much help for his state and his guidance for the Centre could also be of much use.”

“God Believers Association (GBA) shall also lend their helping hand to Pt. Sukh Ram Ji, if he so desires any assistance. Though Pt. Sukh Ram is now old, he is still gold for his state, his party and the country.”

Dr. Raj Baldev, Cosmo Theorist finally said, “Since Bhakra Dam can carry high propaganda value  if a terrorist attack is struck on it, the terrorist groups prefer this target of India since it can cause maximum damage to India and on the other hand, it would please Pakistan the most and the outfits would also expect high price for their actions.”  

“India needs to be over alert,” GBA Lead Man said.


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