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Carlos Slim Helu & family

At a Glance
  • Age: 71
  • Title: Chairman
  • Organization: Telmex
  • Source: telecom , self-made
  • Residence: Mexico City, Mexico
  • Country of citizenship: Mexico
  • Education: BA/BS, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico
  • Marital Status: Widow
  • Children: 6
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The world’s richest person for a second year in a row, the Mexican telecom mogul is also the year’s biggest gainer, having added $20.5 billion to his fortune and widened the gap between him and no. 2, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, to $18 billion. A 19% rise in the Mexican stock market, a stronger peso, and successful mining and real estate spinoffs from conglomerate Grupo Carso all contributed to the astonishing increase. He also merged his fixed-line telecom company into America Movil, Latin America’s largest wireless carrier; the Slim family stake in that holding accounts for 62% of his net worth. He has other holdings in retailer Saks and the New York Times. Recently opened a new building for his Soumaya Museum, which houses his vast art collection. It is open to the public for free. more »

Latest News
  • Carlos Slim’s Gift To The Disabled

    Carlos Slim Helu, the world’s richest man, has donated a $2 million leadership gift to Best Buddies International, a charity that helps disabled kids and adults with leadership, mentoring, and jobs programs. The gift comes via Slim’s Telmex Foundation, the corporate foundation run by phone company Telmex, which Slim controls through America Movil. […] read »

    Ashlea Ebeling

  • The New Salvo In Carlos Slim’s Mexican TV Wars

    Mexico’s TV wars are heating up once again with reports that the country’s competition regulator is looking into ties between billionaire Carlos Slim‘s residential phone company and a Mexican satellite TV company. Reuters reported earlier today that the ties between Telmex and Dish Mexico (backed in part by EchoStar of the U.S.) are under investigation because the relationship may be a way into Mexico’s TV market for the world’s richest man. Slim has already been denied […] read »

    Kerry A. Dolan

  • Warren Buffett To Exercise $5B Goldman Sachs Warrants In 2013

    Warren Buffett spoke about Goldman Sachs on Thursday from Sun Valley while attending the Allen & Company conference. The Oracle of Omaha indicated he would be exercising his right to buy $5 billion in Goldman stock in 2013, an option he was awarded in 2008 when he extended a $5 billion life-line to the ailing investment bank. Buffett also noted he’d like questioned Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein to remain as the top dog at the vampire squid. […] read »

    Agustino Fontevecchia

  • How Ukrainian Billionaire Alexander Rovt Bought The Sloane Mansion

    New York City is famous for trophy properties — and the billionaires who buy them. These properties tend to be massive posh penthouses like Stephen Schwarzman‘s Manhattan apartment once owned by John D. Rockefeller or grand old town houses teeming with history like the Duke-Semans mansion Carlos Slim Helu bought in 2010. The latest one to find a billionaire owner is the fabled Henry T. Sloane Mansion at 18 East 68th Street. Last week it became the property of industrialist scion […] read »

    Morgan Brennan

  • The $100B Woman You’ve Never Heard of

    holdings could soon be worth as much as $100 billion, which would make her richer than Bill Gates, Warren Buffett or Carlos Slim. Rising iron ore prices and the ravenous Chinese market are driving Hancock’s holdings into the stratosphere, according to Treadgold. […] read »

    NBC Philadelphia

  • FIFA World Cup Soccer News

  • How to Work Your Money According To The Filthy Rich

    and how you can come through them.” – Lakshmi Mittal 7. Invest for long-haul. We are now investing in each of our businesses to achieve substantial earnings growth in the future and create further value for millions of our shareholders. – Mukesh Ambani […] read »

    The Business Insider



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