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Brajabuli language


Deepak Bhuyan.
Shankardeva used Brajabuli language in his plays. It is observed in various vernacular plays that the used languages or even the dialects in these plays are practiced by the mass people of the concerned region or the state. It was unprecedented that the language used by Shankardeva in his plays was a newly created language which was not familiar to the people before and it is not yet been a spoken language. Shankardeva created the new language to use in his plays which can be treated as a subject of gratification not only for the theater world but for the world of literature too. In the world history of linguistics and literatures it is rare to get any name of person as a creator of language. But it is still in darkness for scholars, students and other intellectuals that we can name a person as creator of language, which is known as Brajabuli language and the creator of the language is Indian cultural mentor Srimanta Shankardeva. [1449 AD – 1568 AD] So the credit of creating new language and use of prose in drama in entire Indian territory of medieval period goes to Shankardeva. Dr. Hiren Gohain once expressed in one of his writings that in an all India level scholar`s discussion it was told that the use of prose is an approach of modern era in Indian theatrical expressions. But Dr. Gohain elaborated that the use of prose in plays has been observed since the medieval period of Assam which was started by Shankardeva. But unfortunately no one of the assembled scholars were agreed to the comment of Dr. Gohain. From the above incident it is clear that the pragmatic perfectness of the subject has not yet been getting due to lack of proper investigations. All sorts of discussions and debates are taking place in Assam without having any creative and informative expression to the rest of the country and the world. Someone may feel that I am placing unset subject here but I want to recall the unfortunate incident when Government of Assam went to deliver the most prestigious Shankardeva Award to Oscar winner film director Satyajit Ray of Bengal , he asked the Government`s representatives that - Who was Shankardeva ? If a person of neighboring state does not have any information of Shankardeva then what can be expected from the rest of the country? Who is responsible for such incidents? It must be confessed that we have not been giving proper attention to the subject and security of our past heritage. The language which was created by Shankardeva to use in his plays, and which has been in use in Shankarian Theater is nevertheless a resplendent heritage of World Theater. 
Regarding the creation of the new language Dr Dasarath Ojha, eminent writer and Indologist, formerly Professor and Head, Department of Hindi, Delhi University expressed that `` I along with J.C.Mathur, collected and studied the original plays written in medieval times in various regions of India. After poring over these dramas, we found that Umapati of Mithila was the first to introduce Desi Git into Sanskrit drama, namely Parijata Harana; but the credit of writing the entire play in a Desi Bhasa [Regional language] goes to Mahapurusa Shankardeva of Assam. Although prior to him, a kind of poetic play was composed and staged in Avahattha in the form of Ras, no play in prose and poetry is to be found till we come to Shankardeva. `` Going depth of the newly created language and aims and objectives of using the language in Shankara`s plays, Dr. Ojha deed a comparative study , which can be outlined for briefing hooks and corner of the subject. As Dr. Ojha`s language – ``Having achieved mastery over a number of languages, Shankardeva must have pondered over the problem of evolving a suitable form of prose for his drama. He was already familiar with the beautiful songs in Maithili, which perhaps induced him to make that language the basic of the idiom he was to coin for his dramas and which came to be known as Brajabuli ( known as Bajrawali-bhasa in Assam). Dr. Sukumar Sen., making a distinction between this Brajabuli and Brajabhasa, says: ``the artificial language was given the name of Brajabuli because it reminded one of Vraja, the land sanctified by the presence of Radha and Krishna. The term Brajabuli however should not be confused with the name of Brajabhasa. The later is the name of actual spoken language, a form of western Hindi of the district round Mathura. `` Kaliram Medhi does not agree with Dr. Sen. In his opinion Brajabuli was not an artificial language. He says, ``But the truth appears to be that Brajabuli must have been based on some spoken dialect, for no artificial language is known to have been created out of nothing. In support of his view, he has cited the example of the Vedic, the Gatha and the Pali languages. It is a well known fact that these languages are based on some local dialect or other. Whatever might be the reason of naming the language of the songs of the Vaishnava poet as Brajabuli, it is clear that Brajabuli differs from Bengali, Assamese and Oriya. `` In continuation of briefing his comparative study Dr Ojha stated that the language used by Umapati and others are not comparable with the language of Shankardeva. Because the differences are quite clear to all that the language used by Shankardeva was newly designed and decorated. To establish


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