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vivek-Actually when i connect my tata photon whiz to my laptop, and try to connect, the tata photon software shows connected but network icon shows a cross on it.. and pages are not opened.. what can i do ?????????????????

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      just uninstall Ur photon program file n again plug in and follow new installation
      This is a sketch for EC121. The actual product may differ. 
       USB connector 
      Connects to the USB port of a PC 
       Indicator 
      It indicates the status of the EC121. 
        On: The EC121 is powered on. 
        Blinking once every 2s: The EC121 is searching for the network or the network is not 
        Blinking twice every 2s: The network is found.  
        Blinking once every 0.2s: The EC121 is engaged in a call or a data service. 
      To use the EC121, the computer must meet the following requirements: 
        Supporting OS 
        Windows 2000 SP4, Windows XP SP2, Windows Vista 
        Mac OS X 10.4 and 10.5 with latest upgrades 
        Your computer’s hardware system should meet or exceed the recommended system 
      requirements for the installed version of OS 
        Display resolution: 800 × 600 or above  
      Form Factor 
      USB Stick 
      67.1mm x 23.2mm x 10.6mm 
      Peak Speed: 
      153.6Kbps (UP/DL) 
      Plug and Play 
      Data, SMS, PC Voice 
      CDMA200 1XRTT: 
      Compatible to CDMA IS-95 A/B 
      Tech. Specs. 
      UIM: ROM-SIM; R-UIM 
      Operating System: 
      Windows 200, XP, Vista, Apple Mac 
      The procedure for installing the management program is subject to the operating system 
      (OS) installed on your PC. The following section takes Windows XP as an example. 
      Installing the EC121 
      Press the right and left side of the cover, and then remove it.  
      Connect the EC121 to the USB port of the PC. 
      The driver runs automatically. The Welcome interface is displayed. 
        If the driver does not run automatically, double-click My Computer. Then double-click 
      Tata Photon Whiz CD-ROM to install the driver. Alternatively, open My Computer > 
      Tata Photon Whiz. Then double-click Autorun.exe to install it.  
        If there is more than one language, the Installer Language interface is displayed. Select a 
      language and click OK. 
      Click Next. The License Agreement interface is displayed. 
      Read the license agreement carefully. If you agree with the license agreement, select I agree 
      The Choose Install Location interface is displayed. 
      Choose the install directory and click Next. 
      Click Install. The Tata Photon Whiz is installed. 
      Click Finish to complete the installation. 
      Launching the Tata Photon Whiz  
      After the EC121 is installed, the Tata Photon Whiz is launched automatically. Then every 
      time the EC121 is connected to the computer, the Tata Photon Whiz is launched 
      You can double-click the shortcut icon of the Tata Photon Whiz to launch it. 
      Removing the EC121 
      1.  Log out of the Tata Photon Whiz. 
      2.  Remove the EC121. 
      Uninstalling the Tata Photon Whiz 
      1.  Click Start Menu. 
      2.  Click Control Panel. 
      3.  Find the management program, and click Add/Remove Program to uninstall it. 
      It is recommended to restart the PC after the un-installation to ensure that Tata Photon 
      Whiz is completely removed. 
      Activation Process 
      1.  The production samples should be delivered to the customer with the default MIN. 
      After the software is installed, the Phone locked dialog box is displayed, prompting 
      you to perform OTAF dialing. 
      See the following figure. 
      2.  Click OK on the Phone locked dialog box, as shown in the following figure. 
      3.  After pressing OK, you access the Call window. Then dial *228 for activation 
      (provisioning on MIN & MDN). 
      4.  You should listen to the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) that provides the 
      information about language selection, services (postpaid or prepaid) details, and 14-
      digit PIN number from the TATA provision team. Then your device will update with 
      the proper MIN and MDN, and be available for service. 
      Un‐installation of Application Software 
      1.  Exit Management procedures. 
      2.  Open “uninstall Mobile Partner”, click “OK” >“OK”. 
      1.  When Datacard is connected to computer, how can I confirm the USB Modem has 
      been successfully installed? 
      You may confirm it in Device Manager:  Open “Control Panel”.  Select 
      “System”  Open “Hardware”, select “Device Manager”  Unfold the 
      Modem and ports. After the dashboard install well ,you can check the 
      information in device manager of you computer named "HUAWEI Mobile 
      2.  When I want to do dial-up, what is the mean of fail code 619? 
      It may be caused by weak signal, we advise you try to change the position 
      to a strong signal place.  
      3.  What can I do if I cannot connect to a website?(e.g.: MSN\gmail) 
      1) Check whether the website is forbidden.  Change a modem or connect 
      the website with the wired-network.  
      2) The network of the Operator do not support the transmission of mass 
      data flow.  Try to ping the website.  Make a comparison test by the 
      modem of the other Operator or the other network.  
      • Tata Photon not working

        Am a techie guy but literally broke my head with this issue . I have a tata photon device . Now the problem is that i installed a brand new photon data card . it installed correctly but after that gave error 720 remote computer did not respond . I tried on other system its working fine . I even re-installed the software again but same issue , checked the usb ans modem drivers in devmgmt but no success . Some issue is there with pc but cant figure it out can some1 help me or provide soln other than formatting .

        4.  When the Modem is connected to computer, there is a “!” at the mass storage. 
        1) Unplug the modem when CD-Rom is running, plug it again may has the 
        “!”(especially windows2000) Unplug the modem, wait for 5 seconds, and 
        then re-plug. If fail, unplug the modem and reboot computer, then re-plug 
        the modem. 
         2) Conflict with the CD-ROM drive.  Make a test with the latest firmware. 
        Uninstall the virtual CD-ROM, or update the firmware by the latest one.  
        5.  When the modem is connected to computer, LED display is normal, but no port in 
        the Device Manager. 
         Unplug and plug the modem. Use the other USB interface. If fail, unplug 
        the modem and reboot computer.  
        6.  Modem will not create the CD-drive correctly or will continually pickup and drop 
        the Modem hardware on a computer running Windows XP Media Centre Edition. 
        Disable the Media Centre Extender Service. Disabling this service has 
        resolved the large majority of issues with XP Media Centre Edition.  
        7.  When I want to do data operation, what is the mean of fail code 31? 
        Please try it again, that is temporary failure.  
        8.  When I want to do Data Connection, what is the mean of fail code 633? 
        The Driver of USB Modem is abnormally installed, or repeat dial-up when 
        you dial-up has already been successfully connected.  
        9.  When I want to do Data Connection, what is the mean of fail code 680? 
        The laptop might be installed more than one Modem. For example, if you 
        would like to dial-up via Huawei USB Modem, but actually another modem 
        / modem of other brand is inserted into your computer.  
        10. When I want to do Data Connection, what is the meaning of fail code 720? 
        The protocol of TCP/IP run wrong, you need to re-install it.  
        11. When I want to do Data Connection, what is the mean of fail code 656? 
        You dial-up with Windows program while you dialing-up with another 
        background program.  
        12. When I want to do Data Connection, what is the mean of fail code 797? 
        You dial-up in windows network connection which has been configured, 
        while the USB Modem is not inserted, or no network.  
        13. What about the temperature of the datacard?


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